I just love using any sort of pins and needles to create things – embroidery especially needlepoint and other counted genres, crazy quilting, knitting, crochet ….

I live in Auckland, New Zealand with my husband and my Dad and my cat, and have 2 grown-up sons.

I work full-time as an office manager for a smal comany, doing their accounts, administration and looking after the warehouse.  When I am not at work I usually have some oins and needles close at hand 🙂



  1. Me again – I’m looking forward to more posts on this blog!! I am also a multi-media needlework person – but I have you beat in the sons department. I have four grown ones (two daughters also). My blog is Possibilities,Etc.! I put the needlepoint web page URL in instead.

  2. Jocelyn,
    Will you email me please? Your latest comment on my blog had me giggling! Thanks for the support and the laugh!

    – Jeanne

    (No need to keep this comment on your blog. I just wanted to get you my email address!)

  3. I love your white work sampler. It’s coming out just gorgeous. I’ve wanted to teach myself these methods also (I have done hardanger and drawn thread) but I find it difficult to find good sources of learning material. Are there are any books/ websites you would especially recommend? What kind of fabric are you using? Please email with any suggestions. I look forward to watching your progress. Thanks!

    Ann, Brooklyn NY

    • Hi Ann,

      If you are interested I can supply you with some information. I am an avid fan of Whitework embroidery…………Louise

  4. I lover all your work, Im stitch challenged and I really want to bring more expression to my needlepoint canvas. Do you create your own stitches or do you use books on various stitches, if so what do you recommend?

    Also what type of Floor Stand do you use?

    Your Blackwork is unbelieveable!
    Jean, VA

  5. WOW and more WOW – I LOVE the box! Now I’m thinking of adding a box to all my projects. Well, I know I’m not the only one in that perplexed place. You have done a beautiful job on the stitching – and the tutorial reads like it will be pretty 1-2-3. Thanks for sharing this.


  6. What a wonderful website and the directions for making the needlepoint box are great!!! I will be a regular visitor.
    Thank you!

  7. Delightful Diamonds is absolutely stunning!! And I love the colors you chose, though they are a little bright. They really show off the stitches. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

  8. Just found your blog -again. Been a long time since I visited. Love your Delightful Diamonds, and I love the colors too. I do not think they are too bright at all. I design and stitch mostly hardanger, but have been bitten by the needlepoint bug and intend to start a piece after the first of the year. I love the geometrics, and anything counted.

  9. Hi, Many ,many years ago I made this same needlecase which I always use, when I say many I am 82 and my mind(and fingers) are not what they used to be but I must keep occupied and at the moment I am making stuff to be sold in aid of our church, I just cannot remember???? the plastic mesh I used PLEASE can you help me to remember, I love this work and would love to do some more. God bless to you alll.Marjorie steeple bumpstead u.k. Also I am running out of ideas-please can anyone help.xx

  10. Anne
    I love jean hiltons work and have done a cyberclass with her many years ago. i have puzzle purse on my to do list but one of my night class students has done it twice. i live in stratford, taranaki.
    diane didi-beadwork.blogspot.com

  11. Just ran across a picture of your Diamond Delight IV and just love the colors. Any chance you could share what color threads you used?

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