Posted by: Jocelyn | May 2, 2008

TIF – May

The theme for May is around how we descibe ourselves in terms of our work with fibre, textile etc.  Artist? Carfter? Maker? Something else?  Why?

Blimey! I think my piece for this month is going to have to be a plain blank piece of fabric, because I a do not use ANY word to describe myself. I am not an artist, or a crafter or any other such word. I certainly tell people I enjoy doing embroidery, or I enjoy making things from fabric, or I enjoy making hand-made books and so on, but I don’t describe myself as an embroiderer or a crafter or artist etc.

Perhaps that comes from my employed work where I am not any one thing. I may start the day doing some admin work, then move out to the warehouse and ship out some orders, then spend time doing the company accounts, and throughout the day I will be talking to customers on the phone.

No one word fits, just as there is no one word to describe myself in my leisure time. 

Hmmmmmmmmmm……..  Maybe instead of a blank piece of fabric, I need to somehow incorporate everything. A REALLY encrusted piece.  Blimey!


  1. Get Busy! Jo, just like you I have had a hard time figuring out who I am..
    Finally got down to it. I quilt and I love to sew. I wonder if I could make a word out of the two things “seqlt”? Our summer has started, your winter has it come yet? Rene

  2. Jocelyn! So glad I found your Blog. You most certainly are an artist. I love your stitches. At work, you could call yourself versatile. That is a good idea to make a really encrusted piece. I’ll love to see that.

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