Posted by: Jocelyn | May 25, 2008

Twister WIP

I am thoroughly enjoying working on Twister, a needlepoint piece by Patricia Spence. I have done one of the qaudrants and started on the second, although I haven’t done the very central square yet. I am going to leave those to last so that I can try out various ways of doing them to see the overall effect. I suspect that those central squares will have a big impact on the twister effect in the finished piece.

The pattern has several stitches repeated in various wedges, but I am trying to do it with without any repeats at all. Of course there will be many variations on a theme, for example I will do Byzantine stitch over 3 threads with each step over 4 as well as over 6 threads.  However, I am keeping to the designer’s plan of all the stitching being diagonal stitches only, satin stitching only (if tent stitch can be considered a satin stitch, LOL). So no crossed stitches at all. That results in a real play of light on the piece, which is my favourite thing about textured needelpoint, and it is simply amazing how different many of the patterns are.

I am great fun making up new patterns consisting of diagonal stitches only. One of my favourites is in the quadrant I am doing now, the third green from the right.  And the brown section currently in progress is also one that I have made up. That’s not to say they have never been done before – I am sure someone else has also made them up, but I haven’t copied them from a pattern. You can see them life-size by clicking on the photos to go to Flkickr, then choosing “All Sizes”.


  1. Ilove the movement in this piece – fancy getting all that much movement with canvas stitches!

  2. Jocelyn, that is lovely, I have tried to use a twister pattern for quilting, and just don’t seem to have the patience. And the Whitework pieces are so beautiful. Rene

  3. I love your choice of colours this is one of the pieces that I was going to do but opted for Kaleidoscope instead which is another tricky little devil but so far have only got mine on the bars

  4. I’m blown away by this, I just love those colors, it’s so calming, something I thought I’d never say about this piece.

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