Posted by: Jocelyn | July 26, 2008

Making a Needlepoint Box

I have finished a box I made from scratch – starting off with a piece of blank canvas, and a sheet of heavy cardboard. And I am pretty thrilled with the way it has turned out!

The finished band of embroidery

I took photos during construction and have put together a tutorial for making the box. Just look for the Page called Needlepoint Box under the header on my blog. The stitching is in the style that Jean Hilton developed for her Puzzle Purse.

It really isn’t difficult to do at all (although my tutorial ended up pretty long-winded, LOL), and you can of course use anything you like to cover the box – needlepoint, crazy quilting, surface embroidery, blackwork, plain unembellished fabric, whatever. Or how about some of the finishes that Sue Bleiweiss teaches? I did a journal-making online class with Sue, and one of the finishes looks just like leather but is really made from plain old brown paper – that would also make a great cover for your box. 

If you try one yourself, please let me know – I would love to see it!

Edited to add…
Answers to a couple of questions.
The stitching is done on 18ct canvas/congress cloth.  It is confusing when things are called different things in different parts of the world, isn’t it!

I just stitched, without designing anything in advance. I outlined a few rectangles, squares and triangles on the diagonal (using smyrna crosses), then filled them in with the stitch and thread I felt like at the time. Then outlined a few more rectangles etc and filled them in until I had done enough to fit around the box.


  1. Wow – that is gorgeous – well done!!!

  2. Wow indeed, the needlepoint is gorgeous

  3. Jocelyn, your box is just so wonderful. I’ve always loved canvaswork, as we call it here in Australia, it’s very popular and it stitches up quickly. Is Congress Cloth like a small tapestry canvas? Things are called different names all over the world, VBG, and it looked like 20 threads to the inch canvas or something like that in your photos. Thanks for sharing,
    Christine in cool and wintery Sydney Australia

  4. Jocelyn this box is gorgeous!

  5. WOW…I love it. Did you just design as you stitched??? I am very interested in designing on the fly and plan to try more in the future. Doodle got me started.
    Jan S in AZ with the monsoon rains.

  6. This is wonderful! I have come back to it and studied it several times. Oh to live long enough to use all the great ideas I find in blogs!

  7. Jocelyn – you SHOULD be thrilled with the way this box came out! It’s beautiful! I really need to try something somewhat random like this or like your “doodle needlepoint”, but I can’t seem to find a break from the wonderful pieces I’ve found designed by others.

    FYI, your favorite lady (Winds of Color) is on her way to the exhibit chairperson for the ANG national seminar. I’ll let you know how she does!

  8. Your box is really beautiful, very original and I like the colors.

  9. This is fabulous! I can’t wait to share it with my readers. I’ve scheduled a link to your blog post to go live on my site tomorrow morning (Central USA time). Great work!


  10. […] stitching and construction. Luckily, she documented her steps! And she pulled them together into a tutorial so we can try this project ourselves. Beautiful work, Jocelyn. And thanks so much for […]

  11. Your box is beautiful…, stitching and finishing.

  12. Hi Jocelyn,

    What pattern did you use? This box is spectacular!


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