Posted by: Jocelyn | September 24, 2008

September Twinchy

September Twinchy
At last! I have done a Twinchy for September. Twinchies are squares of needlepoint 2 inches x 2 inches, and the name was coined by Janet, over at Nuts About Needlepoint – Janet is hosting a challenge where she posts a theme on the 1st of each month for us to illustrate in some way with our Twinchy.

This month it was Food and Drink. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, but eventually settled on a mug of coffee. It wasn’t actually meant to be so “cartoonish”, but I quite like the way it came out. It’s not so washed-out looking in real life.

And I have the perfect use for it too! I keep a food diary as part of my quest to become a healthy weight, and had been looking for something to put on the cover (I make my own diaries) – now I have the perfect thing.

In other stitching – I am still beavering away on Twister.
Twister - still a WIP
I really am enjoying this. As each wedge is a different stitch, there is not too big an area to work on before changing stitches. Keeps it interesting.

I shall soon stop working on this for a while though, and get back to my Whitework Sampler. I have just got a book about Casalguidi out of the library, and it looks to be fascinating work.  And I would quite like to do some crazy quilting soon too, it seems an age since I did much.


  1. Your Twister is coming along beautifully! Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing it when it’s completed. I also enjoyed looking at your inchys, especially like the coffee mug!Madonna

  2. I love your twister. That project is on my list of things to do. Jan

  3. Twister gets ‘betterer and betterer’! I do love it so.

  4. Oh I love your twitchy!

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