Posted by: Jocelyn | January 4, 2010

The Big V

Continuing on with my geometric design, which I am making up as I go.
So which area of the geometric design that I’m doing from scratch, will I work on next?

There are 4 ‘V’ points which I would like to be prominent, creating a diamond shape, so I guess they’re next. Now, how wide will they be? The centre square has 64 threads, so each of the big outer squares should also be 64 threads. The V, or diamond tip, takes up half the side of one of those squares so it should be 32 threads.

But which stitch(es) to use?
Good grief, this is harder than I thought – how on earth do you decide which stitch to use?????
Should I outline the V first then find a filling stitch? But which stitch should I use for the outline? Not the diagonal gobelin again; I want something different.

Ok, so how about if I look for a favourite stitch for the filling. It might not even need an outline. 32 threads to play with – that’s quite a lot for one stitch, unless it’s one usually used to fill a shape. But I would like this V/diamond to be a bit special, not just a background shape filled in.
Aha – look what’s sitting beside me – the box I made. (you can see it at:  Needlepoint box tutorial )

Surely I will find something suitable there.

And there it is. The perfect stitch for the centre of each V.

So a couple of basting stitches to define the V, find the centre point in the 32 threads they cover, and off I go. I have loved this stitch since I came across it in Jean Hilton’s Puzzle Purse. It’s not 32 stitches wide, but I recokon I can find something suitable to put around the edge later on.
On the purse and my needlepoint box, I used 6 colours, but I am only using 4 this time, allowing some of the canvas to show through.

I used the darkest thread on the bottom, through to the lightest on the top and I think it gives an illusion of depth. I am loving this stitch! It looks great, is easy to stitch and works up so quickly!

Woven stitches create the V

In no time at all I finished the diamond, and also stitched more diagonal gobelin to define the outer squares. I’m on a roll now.

The Vs create a diamond

Too bad I have to stop stitching sometimes, to attend to mundane matters such as preparing and eating meals, sleeping etc 🙂

Let me know if you would like more info on stitching this “woven stitch” and I will send you better diagrams including how to turn the corner of the V.


  1. Wow, very pretty.
    Love the way you stitched the center V.

  2. […] has made wonderful progress on her geometric project and has done two more posts. The Big V adds the large diamond surrounding the center. From a Diamond to Some Squares adds detail to the […]

  3. Please send diagram of Woven stitch. Love what you are creating and enjoying the journey with you…

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