Posted by: Jocelyn | December 25, 2007

5 days on a houseboat

Can there be anything more boring, than photos from someone else’s vacation? And yet, here I am posting some, LOL.  I did do some stitching, and shall post pictures when I have a bit more done.

The most wonderful 5 days spent on a houseboat on the Whangaroa Harbour in the Far North. Such an unspoiled wilderness, where you can go for a whole day without seeing signs of other people, if you want to.

Just look at this fantastic pohutukawa tree in one of the bays we stayed in – no wonder it is sometimes called the NZ Christmas Tree! They are my favourite kind of tree, and are native to NZ.
Maple LeafThe Maple Leaf – home away from home.
houseboat 1 The remains of an ancient volcano.
houseboat 3
The helm – a scary place for us non-sailors, but we managed ok.

The galley
The galley, with everything we could want – stove, fridge, fresh water, gas bbq in the bows.
The cabin
The cabin, with Brynley enjoying a coffee. Through the door are the double-bed cabin, bunks  and bathroom with a fabulous shower.


  1. Jocelyn, I read about your blog so had to check in. To my surprise I find this about your vacation on the houseboat. I loved reading about it!

    We are still living on our boat but the landscape is not as beautiful as what I see in your pictures.

    Barbara in Texas

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