Posted by: Jocelyn | August 30, 2008

Twinchies in August

August Twinchy
Auguust Twinchy
What fun these August Twinchies were! The theme in Janet Perry’s Twinchy challenge for August was to depict traditional quilt blocks in needlepoint, with each one being 2 inches square. The single one aboveis Puss in the Corner, the other pink and green is Aunt Dinah and the bown and sage is Indian Star.

I was just thrilled to see this challenge as I have always been fascinated with quilt blocks – I love the geometry of them and the patterns they create when placed together. But there was no way that I was going to make a quilt because I just do not need ANOTHER thing to get obssessed about LOL. (Actually, that’s not entirely true – I did make one quilt a few years ago – it is a cover for our sofa where our cat sleeps, to keep the cat fur off the sofa. Simple Ohio star, all hand-stitched because I didn’t have a sewing machine.  Hmmm…. I must blog about that soon…).

So make them in needlepoint – what a great idea.  Being only 2 inches square, each one is so quick and easy to stitch, and it is really enjoyable to try to come up with different ways of stitching squares and triangles. And of course the big advantage that needlepoint has over quilting fabric, is the texture that is created.

I can see myself making more of these, and as I stitched I started to give serious thought to making a quilt sampler. I haven’t decided whether it will be multi-coloured or in the 2 shades of pink and green, and ecru that I have used.  Oh, and I would love to make a miniature ‘quilt’ using just one or two blocks as in so many proper quilts, to show the wonderful patterns that can appear.

So much stitching – so little time, to coin a cliche.  🙂



  1. I’m with you, I can get obsessed about these so easily. And I just love all three of yours, the colors are so wonderful and the stitches you picked so perfect.

    Keep Stitching,

  2. These are great – lovely colours and as you say, a wonderful way to make a quilt! Hopefully next month I will be a little less busy and take part in this challenge as well.

  3. These are lovely Jocelyn.

  4. These are gorgeous Jocelyn.
    You have caused my to become a little enamored with needlepoint. I am fascinated by all the textures created.
    I don’t need another obsession either……but I may just have to visit sometime.

  5. I just finished a quilt sampler needlepoint by Genny Morrow. It satisfied 2 obsessions-needlepoint and quilts. Email me if you would like to see a photo!

  6. That is lovely Jocelyn. Have you see Laura Perin’s quilt blocks in needlepoint? Laura has a web page here:

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