Posted by: Jocelyn | August 24, 2009

blanket, afghan, throw, or a big knitted thing …

The cat approves

So what do I call it, now that it’s finished?
A blanket? But it won’t live on the bed.
An Afghan? Sounds like a biscuit!
A throw? Crazy word – I won’t be throwing it anywhere.
It will have to be ‘the Big Knitted Thing” I think.

72 squares, each one 20 x 20cm (8 x 8 inches), each one knitted with a different stitch pattern. 3 shades of wool.
I’ve been knitting the squares for a couple of years, adding another one every now and again because I would usually rather be embroidering than knitting. But now it is all finished. Well, except for some of the ends that aren’t sewn in yet, Oh, and I intend to crochet a border right around it. But other than that it’s finished LOL. And as you can see it is being used! KC the cat approves.

It’s lovely to snuggle into, on a cold wintery day; and it has found its way to our bed on a cold wintery night too.

My knitted blanket

I found lots of stitches I hadn’t tried before, and some of them I just love. The smocking (dark grey in the photo below) is really really textured and dimensional. Some of them would make fabulous jerseys if only I knew someone who would wear a hand-knitted jersey LOL. I wore them all the time as a kid, and a teen; and I knitted for my kids when they were little. But you hardly ever see anyone wearing handknits these days.

Knitting as a past-time is on the increase – thousands of members on the website, lots of knitting blogs etc; but but I don’t see anyone wearing the stuff. Well, not in NZ anyway. Perhaps they are in USA. But there’s lots of other fun things to knit now that I’ve finished the Big Knitting Thing.
Mr Dangly
Pin cushion (I’ve done of these, it’s great and I use it every day!)
Baby Doll Cradle Purse – scroll down the page – so cute. Wish I knew a little girl. Maybe I will knit one for me 🙂
A human heart
A Crazy Pokng Stick
A swine flu mask
and of course ….
a digestive system

Close up of a few squares


  1. your BKT is lovely. dont see many handknits in Brissie either, too hot – but i thought it would be cold enough down there to have them. when Jimmy was a baby a friend sent me the most beautiful handknit bootee, matinee jacket, gloves and hat from NZ. they look great displayed on the shelf 🙂

  2. I would totally wear a handknitted jersey with any of those stitches! That quilt is gorgeous!

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